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When first making contact with NBS inspections you will be asked a series of questions.


These questions are basic and include us asking your name, completion date and size of the property to be inspected. Don't worry to much if you haven't been given a completion date yet, it's not required until you are in a position to book.

Once you have your completion date, we can then look at getting your snagging inspection booked in. Ideally you want this as close to the date set by the developer as possible.

At this point you will be asked the following questions;

Name of those you would like on the report, yourself and a partner for instance.


Full address of the property to be inspected.


Name of the developer, development and house type name.


Number of bedroom.


Name of the warranty provider.

Contact numbers and email addresses.

Confirmation that you accept the price and our T&C.

Once the above questions are answered and deposit paid we will then confirm that the inspection is book.

All personal information provided to us will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

How it works

The inspection

The inspector will attend your property on the date and time agreed during the booking process.


After introducing themselves and explaining how the physical inspection works, your inspector will start to compile the snagging report.


At this point you, if you need to pop out or go to work then feel free to do so. We are even happy to lock up your home for you once we have finished the inspection.

If you are working from home, rest assured that we are very quiet as we go about the inspection so there is no need to worry about us disturbing you.


Using the latest software the inspector will take detailed notes and pictures using the supplied tablets and mobile phones.

Our inspectors are very thorough, they will look over every last inch of you home making sure nothing is missed, inside or out.

Your home will be treated with respect at all times. We will always try to remove personal effects such as photos from the pictures we take to help maintain your privacy.


Depending on the size of the home and the quality, the physical part of the inspection usually takes around 6-7 hours to complete.

Once the inspector has completed the report, they will let you know of any major defects that could pose a risk to you immediately, you can then get your house builder to rectify them as quickly as possible. They will also spend some time with you at the end of the inspection to help explain any of the more technical issues identified.

The report goes through a 2 stage quality control process.


The inspector will return home and double check all the information gathered during the inspection, adding or adjusting the information as necessary.

When the inspector is happy with the report it will be sent to a colleague to cast an eye over and give comment on.

Once the report is ready, an invoice will be sent to the email address provided. You have 7 days to pay the invoice but please note, the inspection report will not be released until payment is made.

NBS inspections aim to have all reports ready the same day, though we say within 48hrs, just in case.

 You will receive an email with a PDF copy of the snagging report that you can then forward to your developer for them to action.

How it works

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